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Innovation Services

Through interactive workshops, discussions, and design activities, you will explore new frameworks and models for developing your products and services. 



1. create a clear


2. build new


3. grow supportive


The product innovation process can get challenging and expensive, especially when you start without a plan. We help you to apply predictive analytics in strategizing and planning around the many different variables that influence local and global demand within your industry. For example, organic honey, seasonality, consumer and market trends, processing, and transparency are key areas of innovation. 
We model the producer-consumer relationships, create and test prototypes to reduce guesswork errors by a significant percentage.

phase one

Discovery &
Product Planning

1. What is your product's
value proposition?

2. Explore your industry
& markets trends post Covid19

3. Does your product have
a market fit?

4. What are your channels &
platforms for value exchange,
and how can we optimize their

5. Set your targets and draw
your roadmap to a
successful business. 

phase two


Your brand strategy will provide an
outline of the following;

Brand Story
Product Logo & Business Identity
Brand Guidelines

Develop a product plan to
ensure your packaging choices remain
informed & strategic

 Packaging material
Product Label
Certification & Traceability

phase three

Growing your

Build platforms that
efficiently connect you with
your community

Communication Plan
Platform Development
Milestones & KPIs

Plan for growth


Launch Strategy
Investor Preparedness
Distribution 4.0
Impact analysis

Do you need an industry-specific brochure for your project?

Fill in a  few questions about your company and the project agenda and we will email you your customized project brochure. The brief helps to set clear project scope and provides guidance for discovery and workshops.


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