Africa is a vast and ancient continent, a collage of over 3000 ethnic groups speaking 1000 languages. We are going on a journey to trace the origins of the traditions, lifestyles, cuisines, skills, and crafts of the diverse communities of Africa.

Our goal for this project is to build a consumer understanding of African small scale consumer products and develop a sustainability reputation - enabling our local producers and communities to contribute to the revitalization of Africa's agribusiness chains.


An invitation to tea is an invitation to participate in an important aspect of our local culture. 

Join us every Thursday as we share our hospitality cultures and traditions over a cup of tea. We will discuss such vital aspects as; cuisines, lifestyles, and social customs, 
with a keen focus on producers and local communities contributing to the values we share.



We bring you goodness from all over Africa, showcasing the various dynamics impacting our production ecosystems;  product safety, sustainable sourcing, economic security and consumer trust. 



Culture, heritage, and the things we value

This December we will be sharing the things that make an African Christmas.



The foods we

We will fill our kikapu with good finds as we explore the fresh produce of Makueni County, KE.  (It's mango season)


Crafted for you & 
your home

The things found in our homes and body care. Check adinkra symbol for home. or use the byet one

Follow our 2021 mood board as we prepare for a year filled with learning and growth.

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