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examples of work


Kisii Smart City (KSC) is a plan to create a “smart” rural community in Kenya’s Kisii County. It aims to improve the economic situation of local residents and reduce the need for people to move to urban areas. The approach is collaborative and based on local needs, and the project uses a ground-up approach to innovation.


Spicy Jiko, a Nairobi-based SME, sources high-quality spice and herb products from local small scale farmers in East Africa. Its’ unique and innovative spice blends elevate any dish, making it a great choice for home cooks and chefs who want to experience the region’s unique flavours.


Tibu Tots offers a child-friendly introduction to first aid that is easy to understand and fun to learn. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, Tibu Tots is the perfect program for schools, after-school clubs, and community groups..


Silot-Discovery is a series of workshops that we use to research and generate ideas to help us better understand the industries we work in. These sessions give us a deeper understanding of key market insights, consumer behaviour, and trend drivers to identify opportunities for growth. By working together, we develop a strategic plan to help you execute your project.